Masturbation is one of the most controversial and overrated topics out there. There are many myths and very stupid bro science people mainly have about this topic. 
It is basically the sexual stimulation of one's own genitals for sexual arousal or other sexual pleasure. Masturbation generally practised and done by all age groups, until and unless you have a good sex drive. 
Many studies have found that 90-95% men and 75-80% women have practiced masturbation once in their lifetime.
There are numerous numbers of studies have done about masturbation, and many of the studies have found that, teenagers practice masturbation multiples times a day, and it is completely natural. Sexual arousal can be done or practised by any sexual intercourse, hands, toys or many other objects. So in this health & lifestyle article of fitlifestuff by aayush, we gonna discuss everything related to masturbation. 

Health effects of masturbation
There are many misconceptions, pseudo-science, and myths people have about masturbation. That is just because of the people having lack of knowing and not having actual knowledge or studies about masturbation. 
Masturbation is sexual activity that is free if risk of sexual transmitted infections. 
A study done in 1972, by- 'American medical association', declared masturbation as a completely natural process, and it doesn't cause- premature ejaculation.
However doing masturbation much often isn't risk free, doing anything in excess can be dangerous for you, and so is masturbation. 
Doing it multiple times a day, can drop your testosterone levels and can cause erectile dysfunction which might gonna ruin your sexual life in log run. 
So you can practice masturbation according to your body, needs, genetics, and the physical activities that you're evolved in.

Does masturbation lowers your stamina and strength?
No, masturbation doesn't lowers your stamina or strength. However doing masturbation excessively can lead to lower energy levels and lower testosterone. 
After masturbation, we achieve a higher level of dopamine(feel good hormone) in our body, and we feel relaxed. But that doesn't mean that you'll gonna lose your stamina or strength. That dopamine release happens for a short period of time, and after few minutes/hours, you'll be normal like before. 

What happens when you don't masturbate (no fap)
When you quit masturbation for a period of time, your testosterone levels spikes, which is a very crucial hormone for all men. Testosterone(primary male hormone) is responsible for your beard growth, bone density, fat loss, muscle gain, protein synthesis, etc. 
A study have found that- leaving masturbation for a week can rise your testosterone upto 44%, while it can only rise till 21days, and if you practice this more than 21days, your testosterone will gonna fall. So there are not such major changes you can achieve by practicing no fap more than 21 days.

Is masturbation a sin?
Many of people, usually in India, link masturbation with a sin or something unnatural. 
See, your father and mother have did it, their parents have did it and their older generations have did it. It is completely natural and it's just a biological & physical craving. Not only humans, even animals practise masturbation according to their sexual arousal. 
Masturbation have been practiced and done by thousands of years, and it has been done by our older generations and even gods, in many other variations. Masturbation has a long history and it is completely a natural process. 

So, that's all for this health & lifestyle article of fitlifestuff by aayush. These are some basic information about masturbation I've shared above. Hope you liked this fitness article, you can drop your suggestions or comments in the comment section. 

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