Core is a crucial muscle of our body. Core muscles stabilise our body, and allows it to move in a proper balance, in any direction. It improves our balance and stability, and allows our body to function properly. Having a healthy and strong core helps to do any physical activity with ease, lead to less fatigue, and prevent injuries. Having a weak core can cause bad posture problems and injuries.

Your core muscles are your natural weight belt, it provides stability to other movements. There are total 29muscles in our core, but the major muscles of core are divided in two categories. Those two categories are, - stabilizers and movers. They consist of total 13muscles.

So in this fitness article of effective exercises series, we gonna discuss some of the most effective core exercises, to grow and develop a strong core. 

But before discussing the exercise science, learn how to warm-up your body, because warming up your body before exercises have numerous health benefits. Here in this article of fitlifestuff by aayush, I'm taking a reference from 'National library of medicine' about warm-up. You can read it for further info,

So  the  exercises  are:

 Performing an anti-lumbar extension plank helps to target all the major muscles of Core. Plank with a good form and progressive overload, engages your whole core and beneficial to develop good core. While performing plank, check if muscles are engaging isometrically. Keep the back neutral, and your Rectus abdominis, Transverse abdominis, (six pack muscle) Obliques, isometrically straight. Don't be in a relax position, it will drop your back and you won't get a proper form. It improves your overall posture, stability, and makes easier to lift heavy compound movements. Although many of the research have also shown that, planks are one of the most effective core exercises, while coming to develop core endurance and strength. Perform traditional way of plank for 40sec- 1min, with weights on your lower back, and with progressive overload. According to an Independently published results by Boeckh-Behrens & Buskies, the EMG activation data shows that, the plank ranked equally to the upper abs, middle abs, and the lower abs. The most common mistake that anyone can make while doing plank, is keeping their hips too high or sag down. Keeping your hips high, or too low will totally takes your core out of the movement. You can also modify your plank by keeping your elbows forward, it stretch and crunches your core more. A study done in 2014 by Dr. Brad schoenfeld, shows that modified planks lead to engage and contract your abs, obliques, and overall core, more than traditional plank. But even while modifying plank, don't do it in a wrong form. Plank don't have many range of motions, just like crunches or any other abs exercise, but it is probably one of the best core exercises while talking about developing a  strong core. 

 Abs wheel rollout is a great exercise to develop six pack abs. It is little tough to perform for beginners, but once you are master to it, you will feel better contraction, squeeze, and pump, in your core muscles. It targets your Rectus abdominis and transverse abdominis (six pack muscle)  more than any other core exercise. A 2008 study published clearly shows that, while testing four abdominal exercise including- crunches, supine double leg thrust, side bridge, and abs roll-out. The abs wheel exercise came on the top while targeting the six pack muscle. Correct for of doing the abs wheel rollout is,- kneel down and lock your knees and shoulders, rest your forearm on the wheel and stretch that wheel forward of your head and keeping your knees and shoulders lock. Stretch and squeeze your abdominal at the start and end while performing this exercise. Abs wheel rollout have a dynamic range of motion, and its hard to prevent the spine, from extending or dipping. Increase your range of motion while performing abs wheel rollout, and as your strength increases, you can move more forward easily with wheel. Correct form with progressive overload is the key. 

windshield wipers is one of the best core exercises to develop side obliques, rectus abdominis, and overall core muscles. The proper form of windshield wipers is,- lie down on your back, and lift your legs, bend your knees, and then rotate your knees side by side without letting the legs touch the floor. Rotate your hips opposite, side by side until the set in complete. You can repeat this exercise as your desired number of reps. You can also modify it, by hanging on a bar, and keeping your knee up to 90°, and then rotate your knees to side by side. According to a fitness article of independent research published in 23-05-2017 by 'Dr. Kelvin king' the hanging windshield wipers is one of the most great advanced exercise, while talking about core. It targets and strengthens the 
external obliquesrectus abdominiserector spinae. Do 10-12reps each side of 3sets for better results. 

So these are basic exercise science of most effective core exercises, that you can do to develop a good and strong core. I hope you liked this fitness article of fitlifestuff by aayush. Check out other exercise science based blogs of effective exercises series. 

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