In this health and lifestyle article of fitlifestuff by aayush, I'm gonna explain the difference between taking a cold shower vs a hot shower. I'll try to explain it briefly and in details. 

Both showers have their own pros and cons, and it varies in many factors. Taking bath is necessary for us. It cures many diseases and prevent infections. 

But while talking about it's temperature, it has many debates itself. Because according to some studies, cold shower is better, and some studies shows that hot shower is better. 

So in this health and lifestyle article of fitlifestuff by aayush, we gonna know the actual science about cold shower vs hot shower and also gonna take a look about pros and cons of cold shower vs hot shower. 

Benefits of Cold Shower

-Effective Hair Growth 

-Rejuvenates Your Skin 

-Aids In Weight Loss 

-Helps You To Stay Healthy and makes you feel good

-Helps To Get Stronger Muscles and Stronger Hair 

Why you should use cold shower for your body? You must have heard people saying that washing with warm water is really damaging to your skin, hair and body. Especially for people who are planning to take a bath, this method would definitely be more harmful. However, it is true that taking a bath with warm water would lead to itchiness, rashes and even sores in some cases. But, if you're really committed to taking a bath regularly and are willing to face this issue, then there is no alternative to take cold shower.

Benefits of Hot Shower

When we take bath with hot water, we sweat from our body during the process, which is the primary reason for that hot water feels so great after you get out from bath. Due to that sweat, your skin is soft and supple. We sweat out all our toxins from our body. Once we get out of bath, we feel fresh and healthy. You can feel the softness of your skin after taking bath with hot water. What is Hot Shower Different From Cold Shower? Cold shower is a method of bathing that consists of only water as the active agent. Cold shower has no soap or cleanser. The method requires you to use only water to shower and stay clean. The Benefits Of Cold Shower If we stay in cold water for too long, it will harm our body and kill our healthy cells.

My Personal Opinion

Before we start explaining what both of them are, let me explain myself on the topic as well. As everybody knows, the temperature of our body varies with every mood we have. During summer, when the temperature of our body rises (because of heat), it feels really good and fresh to take a bath with hot water. But for summer time, taking a cold shower is a better choice. To keep our body in its natural temperature, it feels a lot better. So, in the summer, it's better to take a cold shower. However, if you feel like, you just have to take hot bath, you can always take that! Now that you know about the difference between taking a cold shower vs. a hot shower, read the article to find out more details.


• Although cold showers can be very exciting and relaxing but, they will dehydrate you and will take a toll on your body, muscles and other organs. 

• You need to shower for long if you want to take long ride in the snow. 

• You need to take bath with hot water to stay fresh and you will also be able to take long shower. 

• Taking cold shower can be risky and it can harm your body. Don't take a risk, and enjoy a hot shower.

So, these are some quick information about cold shower vs hot shower. And that's it for this health and lifestyle article of fitlifestuff by aayush. I've tried to explain everything about the difference between taking a cold shower vs a hot shower. And I hope you also liked other fitness articles of fitlifestuff by aayush as well. 

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