Immunity is the most crucial thing, while come to fighting against any disease or virus. Having a good immune system will help you to stay strong, from inside and outside of your body. 

And nowadays, because of this pandemic situation, having strong immune system is very important. As strong immunity helps you to fight against illness, and viruses.

People are now getting aware about having strong immunity, and why it is important, because of the prevention of covid-19. 

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So if you are following a good hygienic routine, and eating clean, you probably having very less chances of getting covid-19. 

Sanitizing yourself, and eating a proper balanced diet is must, if you are looking to boost immunity. 

And so, in this health & lifestyle article of fitlifestuff by aayush, I'm gonna key some most important points, that you can implement in your life to boost your immunity. 


Adding multi vitamin in your diet can actually help you from fighting against corona virus. Vitamin helps a lot in boosting immunity, and it's deficiency can leads to illness or major issues.

Vitamin C is known for boosting immunity. It is a very powerful vitamin. You can eat orange, lemon, broccoli, grapes, etc, for your daily requirements of vitamin C. 

Vitamin E works really good while coming to boost immunity, it has very good antioxidant properties. You can add nuts, seeds, spinach, etc, for your daily requirements.

Vitamin B6 is really helpful while it comes to managing biochemical properties of your body. Green vegetables, chicken, peas, are good source of vitamin B6. 

Vitamin D is good for blood functioning of your body, it also takes care of calcium and phosphorus level in your body. Sunlight, dairy, are some good sources of Vitamin D. 

And so on the list of vitamins goes on. And if you can't have any of them on daily basis, then also you don't need to worry. You can replace those foods with multi vitamin supplements. 


Turmeric is a very powerful antioxidant. It has numerous health benefits. Turmeric increases the immunomodulation capacity of the body.

Turmeric also contain properties of reducing inflammation, injuries, etc. It is helpful for fighting against any disease or flu. 

Just adding few amount of turmeric in your diet, will gonna boost you immune system, and it will also provide you good energy to fight against ilness. 

Turmeric is also beneficial for your lungs, curcumin in turmeric has antioxidants, and anti-inflammatory properties. 

You can also mix turmeric in milk, for better immunity. Drinking turmeric milk is beneficial for your overall health. Studies says that, mixing both compounds has numerous health benefits, like- curcumin has antibacterial, antiviral and antifungal properties which may help prevent and fight infections. 


Avoiding smoking & drinking is very crucial for good immunity. Doing smoking & drinking imbalances the whole chemical reaction of your body. 

Smoking & drinking affects your lung, liver, kidney, and other organ, which generally isn't good for your body. 

Many of the studies shows that alcohol and smoking both have a very bad impact on your immunity. 

And nowadays, many of the doctors and health experts are suggesting to avoid smoking & drinking. 

Though many people think that, consuming alcohol can helps you to fight against corona virus, which is absolutely wrong. 

WHO (World Health Organization) is clearly against with these kind of statements. You can check out the article of WHO, about this misconception by clicking here


Shilajit & ashwagandha are probably the two most powerful herbs. They both have very amazing antioxidant properties. 

According to an article of ncbi, ashwagandha is a very powerful aptogen. Ashwagandha improves the overall defense mechanism of your body, which leads to good immune system. 

Drinking milk with ashwagandha in it, increases the production of white blood cells, which will definitely boost immunity.

Shilajit has more than 84 minerals, and fulvic acid. It has countless number of health benefits. It is a very powerful antioxidant. 

According to an article of ncbi, shilajit has diuretic agents, and shilajit also removes the excess fluid from the lungs and overall body. 

These both herb are very good for your immune system, as well as your overall body. And you should must consume it, if you want to boost immunity. 


Doing regular workout will help you to built a strong immunity,  and that gonna protect you against corona virus or any other disease. 

Researches have already shown that doing regular workout have numerous health benefits.

It makes your body fit and strong. Regular workout also help you to achieve great mental health. 

Doing regular workout regulates antibodies and white blood cells in our body. White blood cells (WBC) are the main system cells which are responsible for your body's immunity. 

Doing any type of exercise also help in flushing out all the toxins and bacteria present in our lungs and body. It will also lower the chances of getting flu, cold, or illness. 

It helps in fight off infection and increases blood flow, that helps in lowering inflammation and boosts antibodies. 


Limiting the sugar actually help us in various ways. Limiting the sugar helps in maintaining a healthy weight and makes us safe from diabetes. 

It also help us from fighting several diseases. Sugars are prone to diseases, and eating sugar in high quantity can totally ruin our health, and our immunity. 

Sugar is very harmful, and increasing it can ruin our health in many ways. It causes blood sugar spike, diabetes, heart diseases, aging, and also imbalances our immune system. 

Many studies and researches have shown that spiking of blood sugar in our body, suppress the immune system. 

And if our immune system won't be that strong, we may get prone to being sick easily. 

So cut off all the sugary beverages and refined sugar from our diet, and replace it with whole food. Add salads, fruits, grains in your diet, for building a strong immune system. 

So these are some other key points which you can implement in your life, to boost your immunity.

And that's all for this health & lifestyle article of fitlifestuff by aayush. I hope you are liking other fitness articles of fitlifestuff by aayush as well. 

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