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Aashika Bhatia ne kaise ghataya itna wajan

How did Aashika Bhatia lose 14 kgs in less than a year?!

Weight transformation stories and news always grab people's attention.

People love to hear about weight loss transformations in order to get motivated and to kick start their own weight loss transformation journey.

And when a celebrity does his or her transformation, a massive audience gets inspired and influenced by them.

Recently, a mind-boggling transformation has happened to one of the Internet celebrities, "Aashika Bhatia".

Aashika Bhatia is one of the most popular Instagram and Tiktok celebrities.

She has also done some acting in Bollywood movies and daily soaps.

Recently, Aashika Bhatia has gained a lot of attention because of her unbelievable transformation.

According to Aashika, she has managed to lose about 14 kg (30 lbs) in a span of a few months.

So in this health and lifestyle article of fitlifestuff by aayush, we are going to look at how Aashika Bhatia lost 30 pounds in less than a year.

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  • What Did Aashika Do To Achieve Results

So Aashika talked about her weight loss journey in an Instagram video, in which she shared everything related to this transformation.

Aashika Bhatia ne kaise kam kiya itna wajan

                Link of the Instagram Video 

In this video, Aashika said that when she was in Delhi, she stopped eating for a while. She said that she wanted to eat many things, but when she starts to eat, she manages to eat just one or two bites.

And she used to have only one meal a day.

According to Aashika, she didn't follow any particular diet and hadn't been through any surgery.

She had messed up her relationship with food at that point, and because she wasn't eating anything, she started to lose weight exponentially.

She also mentioned that the diet and lifestyle she followed are completely dangerous to anyone, and she doesn't suggest anyone follow that.

Parvarrish actor Aashika Bhatia ki weight loss journey

  • Why Aashika Bhatia's Weight Loss Journey Is Dangerous?! 

Aashika Bhatia followed a terrible lifestyle to achieve results.

• According to Aashika's statement, it is clear that she was going through an eating disorder.

• And more likely, this disorder could be "bulimia nervosa".

• Bulimia Nervosa is a kind of eating disorder in which you want to eat but you are afraid to gain weight.

• Bulimia Nervosa alters your hunger hormones ("Ghrelin and Leptin"), which are responsible for hunger and satiety.

• Bulimia Nervosa is a common, dangerous, and life-threatening disorder that shouldn't be ignored by anyone.

• Aashika went through this disorder, and somehow, knowingly or unknowingly, she managed to drop 14 kg in less than a year.

Aashika bhatia diet plan

  • What You Need To Know About This Transformation

In a video, Aashika said that she has been bullied a lot because of her weight.
And because she is an internet celebrity, trolls are the most common thing that she faces every day.

• So this could be one of the reasons why Aashika Bhatia took this dangerous step, and she almost risked her life to achieve this transformation.

• Also, bulimia nervosa is a common disorder that has cases of around 1 million + a year in India. If you are experiencing the same symptoms, you should see a doctor.
• Following Aashika's weight loss journey might risk your life, and no one should do that.
• In order to achieve healthy fat loss, one should eat a proper diet with a calorie deficit and do some exercise in his/her lifestyle.
• The healthiest way to lose fat is to eat in a calorie deficit, exercise, and get enough sleep.
• Intermittent fasting and other diets/lifestyles are another way to achieve good fat loss.

Aashika Bhatia's acceptance of this dangerous approach and talking about it publicly is a bold move that should be respected by everyone. Because she didn't lie and accepted the truth that what she did was dangerous and no one should follow that.

And this much info is enough for this health and lifestyle article of fitlifestuff by aayush. 
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