The Chest Blasters - 6 Best Chest Exercises

The Chest Blasters - 6 best chest exercises

The chest is one of the most important muscles in the human body. It is responsible for many functions, such as pushing or working with other muscles like delts, triceps, etc. 

It's no surprise that a well-developed chest looks amazing. But to strengthen them and to add muscle mass, we have to do exercises. 

Chest exercises are always fun to do, but doing the same exercises over and over again makes the process boring. 

There are numerous exercises that you can do to build a muscular chest.

And in this exercise science article of fitlifestuff, I am going to share here my top 6 picks that work amazingly well if you're aiming to develop a muscular chest.

Note: These exercises are my top picks, and they might work for you or not. 

Maybe you get results from other exercises. It depends upon your comfort and what exercises are giving you good results. If you are having a hard time with any of these exercises, I would suggest you replace them with other chest exercises.

So let's check out the 6 best chest exercises-

6) Machine fly

A machine fly is a substitute for other kinds of chest flies. It works amazing, and even beginners can do it with ease because it doesn't require great strength, unlike doing pushups. Although it favours pectoralis major more, you can definitely try this exercise in case you want to build a muscular chest with ease. 

You can also try pec dec fly, dumbbell fly, and other substitutes if this doesn't work for you.

5) Cable crossover

Cable crossover, aka cable fly, is probably one of the most convincing exercises because it is easy and the tension on your muscles stays throughout the workout. Cable crosses are convenient because you can perform the full range of motion with ease. 

Choosing the right weight and performing it in good form is crucial to the success of this exercise. 

One can choose the height of the cable according to their targeted muscles. 

The height decides the targeted muscles of the chest, but a standard cable crossover favours pectoralis major more.

4) Resistance push ups

Push-ups are the most common and popular chest workout around the globe. People have been doing push-ups since ages, and it is probably one of the reasons for the muscular chest of our ancestors. It has been practised for centuries, and people all over the world still do it in various forms, such as hindu push-ups, surya namaskar, and so on. It requires strength, and if you do it with some resistance or extra weight, it is the best exercise that anyone can do to build their chest. If you struggle and have a hard time doing push-ups, you can switch to alternative options.

3) Chest dips

Chest dips can be ranked first by many of us because they are one of the most effective chest exercises. It is slightly tougher to do, especially if you're a beginner. It requires strength, and people look at it as one of the more advanced exercises. But once you master the chest dips, you can add weight to your body to perform this exercise. Range of motion and proper form play a crucial role, because you might get injured from using the wrong form. Chest dips also work the triceps and are great for lower chest development.

2) Incline dumbbell press

It's no wonder that chest presses work amazingly well. Performing incline dumbbell presses in good form is a great way to target your upper chest. The incline dumbbell press engages the upper chest, pec muscles, triceps, anterior deltoids, etc. 

The incline dumbbell press is one of the bodybuilders' favourite workouts. From Ronnie Coleman to Larry Wheels, everyone loves it. And performing it with progressive overload will help you build a strong and muscular chest.

1) Bench Press

This one exercise deserves the top spot in our ranking of the best chest exercises. The bench press is best for building muscle mass and strength. It is a compound exercise, which means it targets a lot of other muscles besides just the chest. It works both the chest muscles: pectoralis major and pectoralis minor. It also engages the triceps, anterior delts, pec muscles, core, etc. Performing bench press twice or thrice a week with progressive overload will definitely provide you with stunning results. But if you are facing any issues with performing the bench press, you can replace it with alternative exercises.

I hope you liked this exercise science article of fitlifestuff, on topic "The chest blasters - 6 best chest exercises". 

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